It's been a hot minute since I've written a fashion post on my blog. I tend to shy away from them because I don't tend to buy clothes regularly and I'm definitely not a fashion blogger who regularly takes outfit pictures, so I know my content about fashion can be a little dry. However, there are a few trends this season, that I definitely want to get on board with so I thought I'd share my top three with you! You will definitely notice a running theme of stripes throughout my picks.

Sporty Vibes
My Top 3 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends - Sporty Vibes | The Beauty is a Beast
New Look | Grey Double Side Stripe Tapered Trousers | £19.99
Boohoo | Sports Stripe Batwing Sweat | £15
Boohoo | Red and Blue Sports Stripe Ankle Socks | £4
New Look | Black and Mustard Side Stripe Leggings | £12.99

Wide Leg Culottes
My Top 3 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends - Wide Leg Culottes | The Beauty is a Beast
New Look | Black Side Stripe Ribbed Jersey Jumpsuit - 583929809 | £22.99
New Look | Rust Herringbone Buckle Detail Cropped Trousers - 593951425 | £22.99
New Look | Black and Yellow Ribbed Side Stripe Trousers - 584657289 | £17.99
Boohoo | Tie Waist Woven Crepe Culottes | £12

Checked Patterns
My Top 3 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends - Checked Patterns | The Beauty is a Beast
Fashion Union | Tall Midi Pencil Skirt in Check | £26
ASOS | ASOS Design Square Neck Mini Dress | £28
Daisy Street | Button Through Mini Skirt | £19.99
Boohoo | Checked Cuff Jogger with Side Stripe | £18

*I do not own these images, they are taken from ASOS, Newlook & Boohoo.

What's your favourite fashion trend this summer?



I think I've only ever done one empties post on my blog, it was a series which didn't really take off - I find that it's much better to watch on YouTube as opposed to reading about. However, I did a twitter poll recently which asked if you'd want to see a post all about products I want to repurchase and the majority wanted this post, so here it is! (Feel free to follow me on Twitter as I generally as about the content you guys want to read & I'm always talking about products I'm loving)

I've been trying to save more recently, so my budget for makeup has pretty much been non-existent. This is part of the reason for my absence from blogging, but I'm trying to not let this affect my blog anymore and hopefully, it won't be too much longer until my makeup budget expands again. 

Because of this, there have been a few beauty items that I have used up over the last couple of months and definitely want to pick up again, so I thought I'd share them with you guys.

The EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation always seems to be my go to when I wear fake tan as it blends effortlessly and I've always found it to be really long wearing. I've already gone through two bottles of the foundation and I don't think I could live without it in my collection.

Another foundation which just has to make the list is the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation which is my everyday go-to foundation. It's a medium coverage, dewy foundation that lasts all day. I made the change from a matte to a dewy finish quite a few months ago and since finding this foundation I've never looked back. It's also so affordable that I like to get shades which match my natural skin tone and my skin tone while I'm tanned. 

Milani Make it Last Setting Spray is another product I've been loving over the summer months, I found this to be the perfect addition to my makeup routine and really helps keep my makeup in place after such warm weather recently. I also find using a mist during the day incredibly refreshing for adding a quick burst of life to your makeup.

I never thought I'd love a mascara so much as it's definitely not the most exciting product in the makeup collection but the Tarte Tarteist Mascara has been a staple for so long. Unfortunately, it has ran out now but it's definitely a product I need to repurchase ASAP. I have the crappiest eyelashes but this always adds an extra touch to my makeup look.

The Glossier Boy Brow is another product that I found myself unable to put down. I love how natural it looks and it's so quick and easy to apply in the morning. Although it's more on the higher end of the price scale compared to other brow products, I definitely think it's worth the price tag. I've had to go back to my L'Oreal Brow Artist since using this up and I can 100% tell the difference between the products!

Lastly, a product I believe has featured on my blog a few times is the Soap and Glory Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel is a product I have gone back to time and time again. A makeup look really is defined by the base products and I have always found this to be the perfect start to my makeup. 



I'm not ashamed to say I used to be that girl who always removed her makeup using wipes, and on the odd lazy occasion, I still do. However, I really have been giving my skin and base products a lot more attention recently and this has included relooking at the way I remove my makeup.

If you saw my favourites post a while ago, you would notice that I mentioned my love for the Magnitone Wipe Out cloth - a reusable cloth to remove your makeup is not only a game changer but a huge money saver too! So when CloudCloth got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their product, I couldn't say yes fast enough.

Review - Cloud Cloth Cleansing Cloths | The Beauty is a Beast

It's a brand I had never heard of, so while I was waiting for my parcel to arrive, I made sure to do a bit of research about the product.

The CloudCloth is a duo sided cleansing cloth - the first side is a really soft fabric, which can be used to remove the surface layer of makeup along with any other skin care products ( I love to use this for washing off my face masks too). The gentle fabric means it's perfect for sensitive skin and I've found it doesn't irritate my eyes when trying to remove stubborn mascara!
The second side is more of a rough material which is supposed to help exfoliate the skin. But I also think this is a perfect texture for a 'deep cleanse'. It really does help pull the remaining makeup out of my pores. 

Review - Cloud Cloth Cleansing Cloths | The Beauty is a Beast

The two different textures make this more appealing than other cleansing cloths as it removes the need for duo cleaning. If I use other forms of makeup remover, I usually will have to rely on two different methods of removal to ensure there are no traces of makeup left on my face. However, after using the CloudCloth, I went in with some micellar water and a cotton pad to test how clean my skin was, and the cotton pad was as good as new. 

CloudCloth comes in a pack of 3 for only £10 so it's actually really affordable and it means you still have another one to use while one is in the wash! I'm not sure how long/how many times each cloth lasts - it seems to be a piece of information I can't find online either. But having three to use, means that you won't go through them that fast making them much better value for money than makeup wipes and better for the environment!

What's your favourite method of makeup removal?


It has literally been a hot minute since I've done an eBay finds post (...September to be exact) and I really missed doing them. Ryan and I are looking for a house which means I've been on home furnishing websites like crazy recently and this has given me the push to eventually create another post. I decided to make this a 'themed' version, focusing on products that can be used as props for Blog Photography. 

I actually really enjoyed doing more of a themed set of finds, so I'm hoping to be doing a few more, especially homeware themed and fashion accessories - feel free to let me know if these are kinds of posts that you'd like to see!

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I'm pretty sure I've featured Nabla on my blog before, when I showed you guys swatches of the Dreamy eyeshadow palette which you can read about here, so when I saw they were releasing a concealer which looked to be giving the Tarte Shape Tape a run for its money, along with a loose setting powder I just knew I had to try them out. The shade range is pretty limited for the concealer, with only 9 colours available which is definitely not a great start, but yet it's still better than a lot of brands on the high street. It's also worth noting for those who have never heard of the brand Nabla, they are cruelty-free & vegan!

I was so impatience, I couldn't wait for Beauty Bay to launch them on its website, so I ordered directly from Nabla. It was a tiny bit of a pain to check out but we got there eventually, and I walked away with Nabla Close Up Concealer in Ivory (£15/ € 15,90) and the Nabla Close Up Baking & Setting Powder in Translucent (£16/€ 18), along with a liquid lipstick which I may feature in a future post once I get round to trying it out. They arrived pretty fast, I ordered it on Friday night and by Monday afternoon my parcel had been delivered!
Nabla Close-Up Collection Review | The Beauty is a Beast

I've been playing around with the products since then, trying a whole mix match of foundations and powders to see how it wears. 


Nabla Close-Up Collection Review | The Beauty is a Beast

If you guys are like me packaging is always a biggie. I'm a sucker for anything that comes nice presented, and this did not disappoint. Even the inside of the parcel had a super cute floral print alongside the Nabla branding. 

The products came in two cute pale pink cardboard packaging, the powder comes in a light pink shifter packaging, and the concealer has a very similar packaging to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer bottle apart from an Aztec pattern on the lid. The packaging is super sleek and definitely vanity worthy. 

How did it wear

Firstly, it's worth noting that the concealer smells exactly like the Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer and if that isn't a huge selling point then what is! Secondly, this finely milled setting and baking powder, DOES NOT have flashback or leave a white cast which is a biggie, meaning it is perfect for flash photography or a night on the town.

The 'ivory' shade of concealer is yellow based, which I found perfect for brightening underneath the eye - but it's definitely not the type of product you'd go to for spot concealing. It also has a very similar doe foot applicator to the Tarte Shape Tape, with quite a big wand and I find it really easy for flawless application. 
Nabla Close-Up Collection Review | The Beauty is a Beast

I didn't find the concealer to crease much, although the lines under my eyes definitely looked better between using the Nabla Close Up powder compared to my RCMA No Colour powder. The powder didn't cling to dry patches around the eyes or make the concealer look super matte or dry. 

The concealer seems to last a really long time, although the dark circles under my eyes did start to show through around the 9-hour mark, pretty much meaning you can get a full working day wear out of the concealer. A little bit of the concealer seems to go a long way but you do only get 4ml which isn't a great deal. 
I did find the concealer pretty easy to blend out and the formula didn't seem to lift my foundation as I was blending it out. 

Will you be picking this up any time soon? What's your ride or die concealer?