Elegant Touch - Totally Bare Oval 002

My favourite nail accessory definitely has to be false nails. I cannot live without Elegant Touch Totally Bare Oval 002. I’m not even sure where to begin to explain why these are so important to my nail routine. 

Yes, I do understand that many people have a negative view about false nails having to be glued on as they are deemed to ‘ruin’ nails. But, if applied and removed correctly them there is no worry about damaging your nails.

Although my nails are long naturally, they have an awful habit of snapping and chipping almost instantly, so this really is a perfect solution. It means my nails stay perfect for every occasion.

Elegant Touch False Nails are pretty fantastic, with a large range of sizes; a handy nail file and a bottle of glue all for £4.65 it really is worth the money. Each nail has a number at the tip for each size so it is easy to find which number matches your nail size. I’m in love with the oval shape as it gives you a large canvas to work on with nail paint and art. They also are perfect for gradients and look super girly. I also love the fact they are ‘clear’ as it allows you to paint and repaint until your heart is content. I usually get a good ten days wear out of them, with the odd replacement which is amazing value for money.

If you love doing your own nails this save you so much money instead of going to get your nails done professional, and they still look natural. Boots often have the nails on a 3 for 2 offers as well which makes it even better. They do also have a large range of false nails with different colours and shapes so there's something perfect for everyone. 

False nails, yay or nay? Whats your favourite nail accessory? 

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