Model's Own Collection Review!

Now everyone loves coming home to a delivery, it's a like a little present from yourself! Yesterday, I got this privilege as I came home to a lovely little package from Model's Own. Feeding my habit, I had to partake in the 50% sale, which safe to say, did not leave me disappointed. So I thought I'd do a little swatch to show you how amazing my order was.
(Closest to furthest away)
1.Duck-Speckled Egg Collection
2.Emerald City- Glitter Collection (I have wanted this polish for so long)
3.Coral Reef-Polish For Tans Collection
4.Indian Ocean-Beetle juice Collection (This is after three coats)

I absolutely love these polishes, and I’m so upset I didn’t order more. However I will definitely be buying some more soon! Only downfall is Indian Ocean is so pretty but it doesn’t show up very well.

Sorry about the state of my nails, I’ve been wearing falsies for the last few weeks so they’re in terrible condition.
This is my favourite polish out of my order. Model's Own new collection of Chrome polishes. I knew from the first moment I saw these polishes that I just had to own them. I am not left disappointed. The Rose polish is absolutely beautiful and it applies so easy, even one coat looks fine if you do not have the time. It also dries reasonable quick as well, so you can be back up and on the go in no time.

Luckily enough for us nail addicts, nail polish brands seem to be treating us really well lately! Yes, Model’s Own are also releasing a brand new set of colours for the HyperGel Collection which will be in Superdrug from the 11th February!

Not only are the original colours amazing, the new colours are a perfect #SS15 accessory!
But that is not all, they are also releasing a brand new collection Icings, which appears to be matte pastel colours and is definitely a must have, they are super cute.

This is said to be launched on the 11th March in Superdrug. Everyone best get saving, I’m yet to find any blogs that have swatches of the polishes unfortunately, so if you do happen to come across some please let me know!

As a side note if anyone could recommend good reasonably priced nail brushes that would be much appreciated!

I'm so happy with my order! Did you get any bargains with the discount?

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