Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes!

I cannot fault Real Techniques make up brushes. They’re perfect for all your needs and I honestly can’t say I’d go with another brand, simply because they give me the results I want. They have such a large range of brushes that it is easy to find which are best suited to you, and unlike other companies they are such a reasonable price. I find the foundation brush doesn’t leave brush marks like I have experienced in the past with other brands, it’s perfect for coverage too without absorbing too much foundation which is usually found using sponges.

So if you also love Real Technique, you would also be so excited to know they’ve released a ‘Bold Metals’ collection. Firstly, they look amazing, they look like a very high end range of brushes and there is quite a few in the collection to choose from. However, the price is a bit more expensive than their usually brushes, ranging from £10-£25. They have produced a range of face and eye brushes and therefore unlike their old brushes, now your full collection will match!

What makes the new collection so great?
-softer bristles than ever before
-weighted for optimal control and comfort
-shaped specially to offer high performance for ultimate application of make-up.

Brushes in the collection:
1.    Arched Powder £25
2.    Triangle Foundation £22
3.    Tapered Blush £24
4.    Flat Contour £22
5.    Oval Shadow £15
6.    Pointed Crease £12
7.    Angled Liner £10
Prices from Boots.

This collection basically is a “Brush Starter Kit” and definitely a must have!
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on the brushes yet, but I know my first buy will definitely be the Triangle Foundation brush. It looks amazing and I just want to mess around with it and see just how good it is!

Here is a really good review/demo of the brushes if you need more reasons as to why you should buy them.

What brand or brush is your favourite?

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