Model's Own Icing Collection

Yes nail polish lovers we have hit a very nice time of the year, change of season. Along with the change of season, we also get an update of colours for our polish collection and really Model’s Own have spoilt us again! Two collection releases within the space of a month.
Courtesy of Lucy's Stash

They’re releasing a new line of nail polish called the “icing collection” and the colours are to die for. If you love summer colours, you’re bound to love these. Luckily some bloggers have received these samples before the release so if you want to see swatches head over to:

They’re releasing 5 new colours

Courtesy of Lucy's Stash
1. Peach Icing
2. Pink Icing
3. Mint Icing
4. Lilac Icing
5. Nude Icing

At first glance I got rather excited as the bottles create an assumption of a matte finish which would be an absolute dream as I love a matte finish polish, however it does give a normal finish which is super cute, and you could always go over with a matte top coat if you so wish. Personally my favourite is the ‘Mint Icing’ as I absolutely love green! I can’t wait to get my hands on these. 

Model’s own are set to release them on the 6th March on their website/in their shops, but will be released in  Superdrug on the 11th. This definitely needs to be on every March wish list this month.

 Which will you be purchasing?

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