Rimmel's 60 Seconds Super Shine

So I stumbled across Rimmel’s new 60 Second Super Shine collection today on Instagram and I instantly wanted them. However, since they have produced 60 shades to buy, it would be rather painful to my bank account. While I was out shopping I decided to pick up a few for now.

1. Sand and Deliver

2. White Hot Love

 3. Rose Libertine

4. Pillow Talk

 5. Breakfast in Bed

I’m absolutely in love with all the colours I picked up today!
Let’s get Nude

I absolutely love a nude shade, this is pretty much a need for a spring/summer 2015. This took three coats to have a full coverage and then I finished it off with a matte top coat. I didn’t think it was quite a quick dry as Barry M’s new speedy quick dry, but it is quick enough to not leave you in anticipation!

Sand and Deliver
This is a very similar shade to Let’s get Nude, just a little bit lighter. I love the finish of this polish but on a natural nail, I presume it would also take three coats to cover the nail. However, on my nail tabs two coats works perfectly.

Rose Libertine
I love this shade of pink as it is quite different from most pinks currently out there. If I had to compare it to a polish it would most likely be ‘Barry M – Pink Flamingo’. This is definitely a must have for your spring collection as it is nice and bright. Two coats works great with this colour.

Pillow Talk
Unlike the other colours Pillow Talk has a shimmer to it, it is a nice pastel blue which has been seen with many polish collections for spring 2015. Surprisingly the colour was highly pigmented such that one coat would work but for the best effect, two seems more appropriate.

Breakfast in Bed
As if the name isn’t appealing enough, this is a lovely mint green (my absolute fave). It also have a light shimmer to it, similar to pillow talk. Out of all the polishes I think this is my favourite for the 60 second super shine collection so far.

I managed to purchase these from Asda, at a bargain of £1.97, you’d be silly not to pick some up as well. I definitely will be buying more from this collection.

Have you tried any polishes of this collection?

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