Sparkly Nails

So many moons ago, I came across a nail website; Sparkly Nails, which I decided to save to my favourites for future use. Only now did I get round to actually take advantage of this.
The nail equipment is beyond reasonable prices which was my main reason for saving the website. They supply pretty much all sorts of fab nail accessories such as nail stickers, brushes, water decals, stamping kits, fimo shapes and so much more! Delivery was also rather quick as it meant I wasn't waiting in anticipation long to try these products.

Here’s my order,

1.       Four Coloured paint pots, £0.75 per pot
2.       Fan Brush £1.99
3.       Angled Edge Brush £2.29
4.       Seven nail stencils at £1.25

And as a lovely little gift, Sparkly Nails also threw in a set of water decals, with a 10% off voucher for more decals.
I thought the best thing to do is try my hand at a bit of nail art, unfortunately I’m not the best at this, so I’m not sure how it will go, but I fancied trying some fan brushed nails. I used Barry M – Cotton from the Gelly Hi-Shine collection as a base.
I used all sparkly nails products, pink first as the base colour, and then topped it off with a mint green. I’m not happy with the results on all fingers but some look pretty cool such as my ring finger. It is a bit of a messy job.

I think I just need more practise using the fan brush, however I absolutely love my products from Sparkly nails.
I also decided to see how the water decals go, the back has handy instructions in case you don’t know how to do  this.

The decals are a bit fiddly as the backing paper fell off straight away which meant it wasn’t as sticky as normal, but they’re super cute.
What's your favourite/worst nail art?

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