China Glaze, Road Trip Collection

I'm pretty sure nail polish brand accounts on Instagram are out to make me poor. I'm a sucker for purchasing cute products I see on social networking sites, plus I absolutely love pastel colours.

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Beauty Lounge
Hence when I saw China Glaze's Road Trip collection I just couldn't resist. The road trip collection is a mix of pastels and bright, with a few colours that wouldn’t usually come to mind with a spring collection.  This also gave me a chance to try out Nail Polish Direct, who do branded nail polish at such a reasonable price! I was so impressed with the company, very easy to use with fast delivery, I will definitely be purchasing from here again! (I also picked a few other goodies, which I will get round to reviewing later)

1. More to Explore
2. Dashboard Dreamer 
3. Pack Lightly
4. Wanderlust
How cute that these nail polish names relate to the collection theme?!

All of the shades, apart from the coral ‘More to Explore’, need several coats for the true colour to show, which is slightly disappointing as the photo I saw, the polishes looked so vibrant. Similarly, they all tend to have a shimmer which looks very adorable under a bright light. Wanderlust, Pack Lightly and Dashboard dreamer go together really well as pastel colours, if you are patient enough to see the true polish shade. I also tried using a white base to see if this would help the polish show better, and it made little to no difference, but all in all, I still love this collection.

All of the colours are perfect for holiday, and the collection theme goes so well! I’m now swooning over the neon china glaze collection, which may have to be another purchase.
What colour polishes are you taking on holiday?

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