Eos Lip Balm

I thought I'd share with you possibly my favourite beauty product:
EOS Lip Balms! They are my saviour, especially during winter as I'm prone to chapped lips.
 The lip balms are enriched with natural oils for conditioning, Shea butter for moisturising and vitamins for softer lips!

I absolutely swear by them. There are 9 scents:
1. Vanilla Mint
2. Strawberry Sorbet 
3. Blueberry Acai
4. Pomegranate and Raspberry
5. Summer Fruits
6. Sweet Mint
7. Honeysuckle Honeydew
8. Lemon Drop
9. Medicated Tangerine
I loved my Pomegranate and Raspberry one so much, that I recently went and purchased another -Honeysuckle Honeydew, so obviously I painted my nails to match! 

I prefer this lip balm over leading brands such as Nivea and I'm more likely to use this frequently! They have a super cute case with a twist off lid and they're big enough not to lose them in your handbag  all the time! 
They retail at roughly £3 on Amazon! (Here)

What's the beauty product you swear by? 

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