Lottie London & L'Oreal

The three L's, Lottie London & L'Oreal. This is a very special double review blog post.
I couldn't resist trying L'Oreal's new infallible mattyifying primer/foundation duo, and what better than to test out my new Lottie London brushes to do so!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mattifying Base and 24-Hour Matte Foundation

1.Infallible Mattifying Primer
2.Mattifying Infalliable Foundation - 13 Rose Beige

After reading several reviews(all positive might I add) about these new L'Oreal products; I was convinced I needed to try it for myself. This was all spurred along with the fact Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal Cosmetics. They are currently retailing at £7.99 per product in Superdrug.  Firstly, the packaging is quite different from usual L'Oreal products, where their foundation usually comes in a glass pump, this comes in a squeeze plastic bottle, which is good if you're used to dealing with liquid foundation as there will be little waste, however if you're not so used to this sort of container, you may have to be careful. Also not to mention the packaging looks very much like a 'Smash Box' product, I'm loving the new design.
On the back not only is there a scale for 'Texture and Action' - Primer and 'Texture and Coverage' - Foundation which is quite handy for a first time trier of L'Oreal foundation, there is also a handy little guide referred to as 'Pro-Tip' to allow for successful application of the product.
The primer was straight forward to apply and dried almost instantly; the foundation gives a really good coverage as I have very rosy cheeks, and for 'medium texture, high coverage' my face does not feel 'caked' at all. I'm really impressed with this foundation, and a little bit does really go a long way.
Lottie London
As soon as Superdrug began to promote the Lottie London Brushes, I was absolutely drawn to them, super cute logo, even cuter coloured brushes, I just needed them. I bought 'Best of the Brushes Collection' and I just could not wait for them to be delivered.

1.Powder Brush
2.Angled Brush
3. Eye Shadow Brush
4. Blend In Brush
5.Foundation Brush
Not only are the brushes very aesthetically pleasing, the box that it comes in is also adorable. I didn't know what to expect not having read any reviews on the brushes, yet I was so surprised.
The brushes are possible the softest bristles ever. For £19.99, this definitely is a must have and such a bargain!
Firstly, I tried out the foundation brush as for first use it barely absorbs any foundation which is perfect. It is so easy to work with and it doesn't leave brush marks, it's pretty much perfect. Similarly, I found all the brushes in this collection don't tend to absorb too much of your make-up. They're so easy to hold and move, that it almost makes doing your make-up effortless. My only problem -sigh- is the eye shadow brush is rather large and since I have little eyes, if I was wanting to be precise with a few eye shadow shades, I may have some difficulty with this brush.
All in all, I absolutely love them and they have now made their way into my make up routine! A girl can never have too many make up brushes!
What are your favourite make up brushes?


  1. Where did you buy the brushes miss?:)

    1. I purchased them from the Superdrug website, but you can also buy them in Superdrug stores and on the Lottie London website as well! x