Models Own HyperGel's

I'm quite  a lucky lady, as a Models Own bottle shop has just opened at Intu Metrocentre, so I just had to go have a little browse. They have an amazing offer, 5 items for £20, which really would be rude not too. You also got a free gift just for walking in the shop.
I purchased a few from the Hyper Gel range, one glitter and one from the Icing collection. It was so difficult to pick five, but I was in paradise.

A few polish brands have given a try of Gel polishes, without the UV light, feeling pretty impressed with Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine collection, I thought I would try out Models Own collection.
They have such a large range of colours, you can pretty much find any shade you'd want.

1. Powder Blue
2. Coral Glaze
3. Blue Glint

The powder blue only took two coats, but the shade is lovely. It isn't too bold so can be worn alone, or would also go really nice incorporated in a design or as an accent nail. For giving a gel finish it does dry reasonably fast, even though we all want instant dry, you'll just have to be patient, it's worth it. I preferred the polish with a top coat, as I thought overall that looks more like a gel polish with the top coat.

Here I tested Coral Glaze and Blue Glint, both of these colours screamed 'Summer' to me, so had to be purchased. Both colours are quite bold and therefore you can even get away with applying one coat. Unlike the lightness of Powder Blue, both of the bold polishes they appear as a gel polish without the top coat.

For £4.99, this collection does what it says on the tin. Compared to Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine, I'm undecided which is my favourite gel polish dupe, but I did find less problems with Models Own HyperGel's.

If you'd like to see more colour swatches, head on over to Brit Nails, to see swatches of the new shades.

What's your favourite Hyper Gel shade?

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