Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring Part Three

Okay, this is the last part of Nails Inc's 15 Shades of Spring (if you're still here for part three, you're the best :-) ).
If you haven't had a chance to read part one or part two yet, you can read them here;
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I guess I will call these set of swatches 'blues - with a hint of cream'. I'm really pleased that Nails Inc have included a range of blues/greens in their spring collection as these are always suitable no matter what season.

1.Colville Mews
2.Dalston Lane (Latex Effect)
3.Little George Street
4.Royal Botanic Gardens
5.William Mews


Here, I chose 'Colville Mews' which is a mix between cream and beige. As much as this is a lovely shade, it doesn't make the cut for my favourite nude polishes. But this polish has really easy coverage and is perfect for all occasions. I'm very happy this made it into Nails Inc's 15 Shades of Spring.

Index Finger

I was very exciting to try 'Dalston Lane' as it is part of the latex collection. However, it's a no from me for this polish. I couldn't really see any difference between a latex effect polish or a matte polish, so personally I don't think it would be worth it.

Middle Finger

Here I swatched 'Little George Street', this is a pretty standard blue found in many polish collections such as Rimmel's I love lasting finish - Fancy A Dip? (seen here)
So in terms of price, possibly cheaper alternatives are available but still a perfect polish.

Ring Finger

'Royal Botantic Gardens' not only has the best name ever, but makes it into my top 5 choices out of these Nails Inc polishes. No doubt about it, it is the perfect colour for Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter! I can also see this being a perfect colour for a full mani because the colour would be wasted for just an accent nail!


Lastly I swatched 'William Mews' which was a surprise favourite. In the packaging this colour doesn't look like much, but when on the nails, it is hard not to like it. I think this could even be my favourite out of the whole 15 polishes; definitely big bottle material.

There we have it, 15 Shades of Spring has been swatched. 'Blues- with a hint of cream' has definitely been the most enjoyable set to swatch with lots of favourites. Overall for £15 not a bad purchase at all.

What have been your favourites from the collection?

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