Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring Part Two

So now I'm back for part two of Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring. I decided to group these five in terms of brights.

1.Park Walk
2.Sloane Street
3.Princes Gate
4. Bruton Lane

This is probably the colour set I was looking forward to swatching the most as these are the colours that I'm most likely to wear over summer.


On my thumb, I used ' Park Walk', this is a quite a dark pink so is a perfect shade for Spring. The polish is so dark, that full coverage is obtained from just one coat, but I preferred to apply two (one just feels a bit naked). My only issue with this colour is due to the fact it's rather dark and dull so if it was a full mani, I personally think it would be too much.

Index Finger

Here is 'Sloane Street' or otherwise known as Barbie pink. This was virtually my first thought after applying this polish. Surprisingly I don't actually hate it! I think this colour would be great for the summer, or even on  holiday. Perfect for a full mani or an accent nail.

Middle Finger

Here I applied 'Princes Gate' possibly the cutest name I've came across in the collection so far. It's a baby pink and for a light polish, coverage is surprisingly easy; two coats was sufficient. I can see this being a regular colour, no matter what season it is!

Ring Finger

On this finger I swatched 'Bruton Lane'. I must say this is one of the colours I was looking forward to the most, but it left me slightly disappointed. Like a usual light polish, it took a few coats to obtain full coverage, but I also found it slightly difficult to avoid leaving brush marks. Unfortunately, this would not make a big bottle cut.


Lastly, 'Portobello'. My first thought was mushrooms, but this colour is so pretty. A nice orange seems to be a rare find within nail polish collections these days, so I was left surprised. This shade isn't really for me, but application was so easy that it was difficult to find anything negative to say about the polish.

Nails Inc's brights have definitely redeemed themselves from the glitters/effects polishes (here), as the colours are something I would definitely consider using this spring.

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