Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring

A few weeks ago, Nails Inc released a special offer, 15 Spring polishes for £25, *nail polish heaven or what?* and even though I knew they would only be the 4ml bottles, I couldn't say no. So I've been meaning to get round to this post for a while now, but with there being 15 polishes, I tended to put it off a little; that is until I came up with this fab idea for my dear readers... a three part Nails Inc 15 Shades of Spring, which will last all weekend.

To being with, I decided to start with glitters/effects polishes.
1.Flower Walk
2.Electric Avenue
3.London Fields
4.Cheyne Court

I used to hate working with glitter polishes, because they were such a pain to remove which personally I decided wasn't worth it. That was until All Hail The Nails recommended 'OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base Coat', for those of you who aren't familiar it is basically a peel off base coat, and my god it is life changing. 

I had searched in shops for it, with no such luck so I had to place an order online to get myself a bottle. Definitely a must for those who love glitters.
I decided to start with a white base coat, Rimmel 60 Seconds - White Hot Love (reviewed here) because I thought it would be the cutest colour to go with the effects.


On my thumb I used 'Flower Walk' which is part of the Floral collection. It is basically white and pink dots, with white and blue flowers and squares. This was possibly the polish I was looking forward to the most, however I was slightly disappointed. The dots were easy to apply and didn't clump together but it was virtually impossible to get the flowers out of the bottle. Overall the colours white, pink and blue went really well together though.

Index Finger

Here I used 'Electric Avenue' and I'm pleasantly surprised, this gave full coverage for a glitter polish and was also textured. It was easy to apply and the formula was too thick nor too thin. I would definitely consider using this polish for an accent nail in many different designs.

Middle Finger

This polish is 'London Fields' which is a very similar polish to Flower Walk; unfortunately I didn't particularly like this polish either. It was quite clumpy and I found it difficult to create a nice look with the polish as there was too much going on.

Ring Finger

On my ring finger I applied 'Cheyne Court', which out of all the polishes has turned out to be my favourite. It can be worn with almost every outfit and every colour. I'm quite upset that I couldn't get my camera to focus and capture how nice the sparkles were from the polish. It is so pretty!


Here is 'Chester'. I must admit I was a bit dubious about as the formula in the bottle did not look the best. However, the end result is rather pretty and it is easy to see why it comes under the Feather Collection. It was easy to build up and would be perfect for an accent nail.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the glitter/effect polishes for the shades of spring, but I can't wait to use some of them again.

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