Spectrum Collection - Brushes

I'm back with a new set of makeup brushes because let’s face it, a girl cannot have enough make up brushes. (Plus a lazy bonus- the more you have, the less regular you have to clean them!)
Spectrum is a new up and coming brand who many makeup artists now use (even on the celebrities). If you haven't heard of them, your life is about to change.

Background on Spectrum Collection

"Spectrum Collections is a cosmetics brush brand who specialise in boldly designed makeup brushes, applicators and tools, where vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert design"
Spectrum's brushes are hand finished as well as vegan and animal friendly! The brushes are composed of the highest quality of synthetic hair which ensures they're super soft.

I recently discovered this brand of brushes over twitter @Spectrumbrushes and I just knew I needed to try out these brushes, but unfortunately all of their sets were sold out -- such a great selling point (It made me want them even more!) So I patiently counted it down until they were restocked.
I bagged myself a 10 piece brush set for £35, absolute bargain.

The set contains:

1.Angled Foundation
2.Large Domed Powder
3.Small Angled Blush
4.Buffing Concealer
5.Large Fluffy Shader
6.Tall Tapered Blender
7.Small Angled Blender
8.Angled Brow
9.Lip Liner
This is all the brushes you could possibly need starting out.

When the package arrived, I was so excited. First off, even the packaging was lovely, nice and sparkly and the brushes even come in their own little carry case! A few of the face brushes also have a plastic cover you can use to protect them and keep all the bristle together which I thought was a great idea. I was so excited to incorporate these into my makeup routine. Even for new brushes, it barely absorbed much foundation, and it was so soft that applying foundation felt effortless. I haven’t tried an angled foundation brush before, so it was pretty cool to see how easy it was to use. The brushes also didn’t leave brush marks which is a massive bonus. I’m really excited to see what the eye set brushes can do. There’s just something about the Spectrum brushes that make them so different and likable.

I'm trying to think what more I could possibly order from them now because I've truly been converted! I think a brush heart (here) is definitely on the cards!
What is your favourite brand of brushes?


  1. Oh these look gorgeous! I might have to treat myself to a few on payday 😊 great review! X

    1. Definitely treat yourself to them, they're my go to brushes now ahead of Lottie London & Real Techniques! x