Barry M's Sunset Nail Collection

I know I'm slightly late on this review but originally when the announcement was made for the Sunset nail collection, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. At first none of the colours jumped out at me, but the rose gold lids did. Being a self proclaimed nail polish enthusiast, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I thought I'd wait and read other blogger's reviews, before I dived in and purchased some.

Colours from the new collection include:
  • Can't get you out of my Red
  • Do it like a Nude
  • Fushia Generation
  • The way you make me Teal
  • I've been Pinkin'
  • You drive me Navy
  • Peach for the Stars
Eventually after seeing some swatches from the lovely girls: BritNails -The Polish List - The Naily Mail & Dahlia Nails!

I made my mind up and purchased a couple.

1.Peaches for the Stars
2.The way you make me Teal
3.Do it like a Nude
& the Sunset Top Coat.
I love the puns on all of these polishes in the collection!

Firstly, unlike normal Barry M polishes, these retail at £4.99 (a whole one pound more expensive, but this adds up!) So really, is it worth it?
The sunset nail collection is designed to provide salon gel nails, at a fraction of the cost and minus the UV lamp! You don't even need to apply a top coat, just two thin layers of a sunset colour and one layer of the special sunset top coat. Unlike the Speedy Quick Dry collection they recently released (reviewed here) they advise waiting 2 to 5 minutes for drying time, not to spoil your new gel manicure.
It has been claimed the use is up to 10 days wear, but realistic, I can't keep a polish on long enough to test it.

Without top coat
With topcoat
(Sorry for the lazy swatching, exams are leaving me with very little time)

I love the colours I have chosen, and they are perfect for the summer. They all can be used for either a full mani, or an accent nail; personally they're too cute to be only on one nail! All polishes took three coats for full coverage and streak free nails. Although it's possible the nude shade could do with a fourth coat to get a better colour from the polish.

However, if you're not willing to pay the price, you can always find similar colour dupes in the Hi-Gelly Shine Collection or even in the normal polishes, ie. Peach for the stars could be swapped for 'Peach Melba' and Do it like a Nude could be swapped for 'Lychee' or even 'Coconut'.

What is your favourite from the collection?

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