Bondi Sands

I always find choosing a new fake tan is rather difficult because every person has unique skin and most tend to not have reviews which make the choice mind boggling. Superdrug have recently released a new tanning line called Bondi Sands.

photo courtesy of Bondi Sands Twitter
They have a large range of tanning products such as; wash off, gradual tanning, mist, lotion and a tanning milk.
I used to use St Mortiz as I was young and this was cheap enough, but I always found it tended to follow the phrase 'you get what you pay for'. I never thought it looked natural and I couldn't use the lightest option as it didn't make any change to my skin.
After seeing many bloggers mentioning this tanning brand, I decided to jump on board and give it a go as I had a Ball coming up.

My most favourite thing about Bondi Sands is that their tanning line is coconut scented, therefore you no longer have to deal with the weird fake tan smell, this is absolute heaven. I also found that it was very easy to apply and the mitt hardly absorbed any of the foam. The bottle suggests "skin may be washed after one hour. For a longer lasting tan leave foam on skin for up to 6 hours" however when I did this, I felt like the tan washed off almost instantly. I decided to leave it on for 24 hours before washing it off, and I felt like the tan appeared much better.

I have fair skin and the light to medium tan worked fine for me as it was nice and subtle. An advantage of Bondi Sands is the price range is between £10-£15 which is very reasonably priced in comparison to some of the other leading brands such as St Tropez which ranges from £10-£30!

Overall, I'm really impressed with this brand and I'm definitely sold, this is now going to be my saviour for a last minute tan.

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