Ebay Unbranded Brushes

I'm back with another set of make up brushes, because let's face it, I'm a sucker for brushes. I recently read a review online for a 10 piece, non branded brush set from ebay for roughly 69p per brush. You'd be crazy not to try them!

(List below goes from L to R)

You receive five face brushes and five eye brushes, however a lot of them look really similar so it is going to be difficult to decide which brush is which, especially if you're a beginner with make up.
On first thoughts, each brush comes in its own little wrapper and the black/silver appearance shouts 'professional & elegance'. I was also very impressed in how soft the bristles are considering the price; so far all the boxes are ticked.
You receive:
1. Tapered- Pointed Kabuki Face Brush
2. Round Kabuki Face Brush
3. Round Angled Kabuki Face Brush
4. Flat Foundation Kabuki Face Brush
5. Flat Angled Kabuki Face Brush
6. Precision Tapered Kabuki Eye Brush
7. Precision Round Kabuki Eye Brush
8. Precision Round Angled Kabuki Eye Brush
9. Precision Flat Kabuki Eye Brush
10. Precision Flat Angled Kabuki Eye Brush
(Just from the names you can tell how similar the brushes are!)
A 'Kabuki' Brush is a make up brushe with dense bristles and are very popular as  a one brush does all as it is can be used for foundation, powder and blush.
I used Brush (1) and (4) to test applying foundation. On first use, the brush hardly absorbs more foundation than needed which is really handy. Neither brush left streaks or brush marks, and no bristles were left on my face which may usually be the case with cheap brushes.
Brushes (2) and (3) are perfect for applying bronzer, blusher or even for contouring, the brushes are really easy to move on your face and apply the product really well while avoiding leaving dark patches.
This leaves Brush (5) for blending because of the shape it's really easy to blend foundation (liquid or cream). Since the bristles are so soft it means that blending isn't a chore and helps give a 'natural' make up look!
However, pretty much all the brushes can be interchanged and used for whatever your prefer.
All of the eye brushes could be used as a concealer brush however, I chose Brush (6) as it's perfect for getting into the corners of your eyes and for the nose. The shape of the brush makes application a breeze.
Eye Shadow
I used Brush (7) for the base colour as it's a large brush and can cover a large area quickly. Brush (8) was then used for the middle colour however because I have very small lids, it was hard to be accurate with such a large surface area. Brush (9) was then used for the darkest colour towards the end of your brow bone. This was all blended with Brush (10).  The buyer also recommends that the brushes are suitable applying lipstick too!
Overall I much prefer the face brushes since the eyeshadow brushes are a little too big for my small eyes. For 69p per brush, this is an absolute bargain even if you don't need any more! This gives me a perfect chance to try out my new brush egg too!
The brushes can be bought here.
What's your favourite unbranded brush set?

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