Models Own Festival Collection

It's the time of year every one gets excited about--festival time. Models Own have started the excitement for us by releasing a new 'Festival Collection' which does more than just nail polishes. The collection is based on brights and neons and contains facepaints, hair spray polishes and lipsticks. It is basically a beauty tick list for all festivals this year.

After seeing several swatches, I decided to order my favourite polishes. 
Swatches can be seen here 

1. Blue Skies
2. Green Fields
3. Pink Wellies

I used this nail wheel to swatch the colours, each nail receive two coats. I can't wait to get these polishes on my nails! If you ask me, they're perfect for any time of the year. 

Blue Skies
I appear to be a sucker for a good blue, and this did not disappoint. The shade is like nothing I have in my collection and is hard to describe. Perfect to match any festival outfit you may wear! 

Green Fields 
I love this shade of green, almost neon, this is not a polish that appears in every nail polish collection which is why it is a must! This is great for an accent nails or if you're feeling excentric, why not try a full mani?

Pink Wellies
Firstly the name is cute and very festival themed! A barbie pink can never go wrong in your wish list! I wonder if this is too girly for me to use as a full mani.

However all the polishes apply really well and the formula is just the right consistency. These are the perfect way to kick off summer.
If seeing all these colour swatches aren't convincing enough, the super cute bottle tops must definitely sway you! 

Are you heading to any festivals this summer?

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