Percy And Reed's No Oil, Oil & Wanderbalm Hair Treatment

Birch box have a habit of convincing me of new products I need, that I never normally think I need.
This time however, it comes as a bit of a life saver; my natural hair is a mix of frizz and a lions mane. It is a very rare occasion that I find a hair product which I deem worth while.

I was very excited to try Percy and Reed's Smoothed, Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair(£14 - 60ml @ John Lewis). Percy and Reed claim that this No Oil, Oil is enriched with violet extract and pro-vitamin B5 which helps to strengthen your hair. This product helps nourish and repairs your hair for a 'glossy, sleek and smooth' look.

The first thing I noticed about this product which definitely attracts me to purchase hair products is usually after using scented products, my hair smells no different. However this is not the case for this oil. Percy & Reed have used a unique scent 'A Walk In The Rain' which is inspired by the countryside. I also love that it is not oil as hair products tend to make your hair need washed more frequently or even just appear 'greasy'.

Percy & Reed's Salon Secret: Warm the oil in the palm of your hand, then using a large blusher brush you can apply the oil to your hair to smooth any stray hair and help protect against frizz!

The shopping fiend I am, I went and treat myself to another purchase from the brand to see if my opinion changed for this selection.

Wonderbalm Hair Treatment (£18-75ml) which is a leave in balm similar to many hair products which is applied to towel dried hair. The balm helps add moisture, shine and smoothness to the hair. It can be used as a base product for hair treatment, for which allows the No Oil, Oil can be used together.

Although this may seem to be in the more expensive end of hair products, these products are a do what it says on the tin deal. You pay for what you get, and even your hair needs spoilt once in while. After using two, I think so highly of these hair care products, I've now added a few more on my wish list:
-Light Foaming Treatment Mask
-TLC Hydrating Mask
to try and get some nice condition back in my hair after so much dye!

What is your go to hair product?

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