Boujois Rouge Edition Lipstick '02 Beige Trench'

Since finishing my second year at university, I have been working constantly so yesterday after finishing my shift, I popped into Boots on my way home to pick myself up some new treats. 
Lately all I seem to be buying is lipsticks, yet I'm currently using the same two repeatedly. With a collection of over thirty now, how much harm can one more do? Also this will probably be the first of many lipstick posts as there is just that many to show you!

I had been eyeing up the Boujois lipstick's for a while but couldn't really decide which colour to go for. After a lot of testers, I decided to go for the Rouge Edition which they claim to have a 10hr hydration, which is perfect for a day at work. The lipstick retails at £7.99 which is quite pricey in comparison to my others from MUR or Rimmel. But hopefully the lastingness of the colour will make the price worth it. 

I chose the colour 02 Beige Trench, which is a ideal mix between a nude and a pink shade, which is quite similar to my favourite lipstick's from Rimmel's collection. The lipstick is so easy to apply and the packaging is super cute that this may have just made it's way into my top everyday lipsticks for my handbag! 

I'm also considering ordering a lipstick organiser from Amazon which fits 24 lipsticks, for only £2.10 and free delivery. Just so that they don't go unused in my make up box! The lipstick organiser can be purchased here.

What's your favourite Boujois lipstick?