July Wishlist

The months are just flying by now and it will not be long before I officially move into my new house for the last year of university. Unfortunately this means, I will have even less money to spoil myself with. I decided while I was waiting for payday, I'd create a wishlist of products I want to purchase this month once I have been paid. I'm also going to try to keep it short, otherwise I could be on all day describing everything I'd want!

NYX Cosmetics

I've heard NYX is a perfect brand for producing dupes to all the make up we wish we could afford. Lately, this brand has been all over my pinterest and twitter, and I'm dying to get my hands on some goodies; if only everything I wanted wasn't out of stock on the UK site. I've spent hours scrolling the internet trying to find some of their lip liners. I'm even considering ordering them from ebay, from another country and paying a fortune postage!
Lip Liners - Peekaboo Neutral, Mauve, Natural
Lip Gloss - Abu Dhabi

Maybelline EyeStudio Colour 24hr Eyeshadow

I've read so many positive reviews on this eye shadow cream, from beauty bloggers to make up artists. For recently getting into eye shadows, this is something I'm dying to try. Especially since Boots has on offer on Maybelline products at the moment! They're are a range of gorgeous colours at the moment, all designed to work perfectly with the current eye shadow trends
Eye Shadow - And On Bronze, Pink Gold


Kate Moss has released a new line of dare to go bare nude lipstick shades. I'm a big fan of Rimmel's nude colour lipsticks, so this is definitely something I can't wait to get my hands on! Let's see if it can make it's way into my top 5 lipsticks.

Sleek Make Up

This is another brand I've yet to try but I can't help but fall in love with their matte lip gloss collection; Matte Me. I'm really excited to try these but I've not yet found the shade I'm after in store, so I will definitely be having to put an order in. 
Matte Me Lip Gloss - Birthday Suit

OPI Infinite Shine

I've been wanting some new polishes for ages, but yet to actually purchase any. I spotted these in duty free before I left for holiday, unluckily I didn't get to buy any on my way home; yet it hasn't stopped me day dreaming about them. This is OPI's range of gel polishes without the UV lamp, so I just need to try these out!
Infinite Shine - To Infinity & Blue-yond, Withstand the Test of Thyme, In Pursuit of Purple.


Essie are on a roll with the must have colours they are producing this summer and us nail polish lovers are just left pining away trying to collect them all. I've had my eye on a few from the bridal collection, and also I'm wanting all of the summer collection 2015.
Bridal Collection - Brides No Groom, Hubby for Dessert.
Summer Collection - Peach Side Babe, Salt Water Happy

Spectrum Brushes

Most possibly the biggest expense, is my love for spectrum make up brushes. Now with two collections to pine for, I want them both. The Glam Clam and Pom Poms Ready sets are to die for, but both come with an hefty price tag, so maybe this is something which will just have to wait; even if the brushes are gorgeous.
Brushes - Glam Clam, Pom Poms Ready. 

What's on your July wish list?


  1. Maybelline color tattoo is never failed! Really worth every penny.


    1. Ah that's great to hear! Makes me even more excited to try it x

  2. I have both of the colour tattoos that you're after and they're amazing! Definitely worth grabbing :) I also want the nyx liners and one of the Kate nudes hehe xx