Make Up Academy Pout Prime

In my free time I casually scroll through Pinterest/Tumblr pining for all the amazing beauty products out there and feeling incredibly envious of all the gorgeous nail art, when I came across a post about how to maintain the perfect lips through out the day. The key stage in the post was Lip Primer; a product in which had never crossed my mind, and I'm pretty sure it didn't exist.

So I went on a search of the internet to try and find a reasonable priced primer to try. Now a lot of expensive brands sell products like this, but unfortunately, barely any drugstore brands do. 

That was until I found Make Up Academy MUA sell a lip primer 'PoutPrime' for £3. So it became my mission to find it in a Superdrug store. A lot of beauty bloggers also suggested this was a dupe of Urban Decay's Lip Primer Potion, but since I don't own both products I'm unable to compare. 
It is a moisturising balm which creates a smooth base for the lipstick colour. I found that this was also really good at making my lips appear healthier and less dried out. I'm not 100% on whether it's the primer that works well, or maybe it's just the lipstick is long lasting, or even maybe a combination of them both. However, I'm rather impressed with this product.

I like that it works with any brand of lipstick too, where some products only specifically work for other products within that brand. For how reasonably priced it is, I'd highly consider purchasing this primer again. You can purchase it here or on the MUA website.

Do you think lip primer is worth it?

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