MoYou Stamping Plates

I thought I'd do a post about nails as I haven't for a while now. Being back at work, my nail polish chips so quickly that my nails have been bare for a rather ridiculous amount of time now. That does not stop me pining for MoYou London stamping plates. Stamping is very straight forward to do and an easy technique to master.

This is my version of nail heaven. For those of us who love painting our nails, and admiring other peoples amazing hand drawn nail art, but aren't very handy ourselves, this is the answer. They have huge collection of plates, roughly just under 40 categories for designs, not to mention multiple plates within each category! We are spoilt for choice.

Immediately, I signed up for an account and started creating my wishlist.

Most plates are £4.99 and although that seems expensive, they plates look rather large and you do get multiple designs on each plate. 
I have tried stamping before, but only with the cheap plates from eBay which haven't been too successful and the designs tend to differ from what you see online. However, I really am keen to give these MoYou plates a chance and hopefully will change my nail art days! They also do a lot of sets, in which you receive a couple of plates from a category, along with polishes and a stamping kit for an average price of £29.99. Although this is pretty pricey, it makes a perfect gift.You can also buy the empty category boxes, if you were wanting to build up your collection and have somewhere pretty to store them.

Many nail art bloggers will have mentioned or even used MoYou plates before, as this is where I initially discovered the brand, and I've heard nothing but positive reviews about them. I can't wait to get my hands on some. MoYou London products can be purchased on their website or from

Have you tried MoYou London stamping plates?

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