My First Mac Purchase

So once again, pinterest has cost me a lot of money! I've saw so many swatches of Mac lipsticks, it had became engraved into my brain that I needed them, so off I went on a little shopping trip with my list.
Originally, I put all of the lipsticks and lip liners that I wanted into my Mac basket online, and went to the checkout to see the dreaded price.. £82! I popped into store and just picked up a couple that took my fancy instead. Maybe I'll just start small and build my collection.

1. Faux- Satin finish
2. Viva Glam 2 - Satin finish
3. Velvet Teddy - Matte finish
(my nudey pink shade of lipsticks is forever expanding!)

However, I know there are a lot of dupes out there from high street brands, but for once I wanted to treat myself to the real deal, just to test myself and see what I thought. For £15.50 a lipstick, I really had my hopes set high. If you would rather get the dupes, pinterest users are great for showing swatches with the dupes, so this is really worth a look at.

(L to R- Faux, Viva Glam 2, Velvet Teddy)

I really am enjoying these lipsticks, I absolutely love the colours and it's nice to try other brands as I prefer a more drier lipstick which my Rimmel collection of similar shades doesn't tend to have. My favourite shade at the moment has to be Viva Glam 2 because it's insanely beautiful, but I'm really loving all of these colours (even if they are very similar)! The price tag on these lipsticks are pretty pricey though, and for being a girl who loves to buy new make up, especially lipsticks, I might just have to pick a favourite from Mac and just keep rebuying it as a special treat!

What is your favourite Mac lipstick?

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  1. Have a look at brave. It's gorgeous. LOVE velvet teddy.
    M x

  2. Mac products are amazing! I love their lipsticks! My fav Mac lipstick is viva glam 2 and all fired up! Try All fired up its one of their most popular one :)

    1. I haven't seen all fired up, will have to have a look! thank you :) x