Elegant Touch Nail Apothecary

Elegant Touch have recently released a new line of nail care called Nail Apothecary. I noticed this new line in Boots and I just had to try it! The bottles retail at £6.95 to £8.95 and there's a total of 6 bottles in the new range.

01 Cuticle Elixir
02 Cuticle Eliminator
03 24kt Gold Ridge Filler
04 Toughflex Base Coat
05 Super Matte Top Coat
06 Gel Effect Top Coat

I purchased:

04 Strengthens Toughflex Base Coat
(I've lost my little card that goes inside)

Now usually I only used Barry M's multiple use base coat so I was quite excited to try a new product. This base coat is supposed to encourage nail growth, support nail growth and boost nail health. I found that this is a rather good base coat in that it does not let polish stain nails and it seems quick drying. With the base coat, I found I had to be really careful when applying, making sure all my cuticles were pushed back or it tended to leave a ridge which meant it was easy to pull the nail polish off.

Another thing that drew me to the product was the packaging. On the back of the polishes, there is a card which advises similar products from this line to use, to help achieve an overall healthy manicure. Even though this is just their extra bit of promotion, I found it could be really helpful to newbies who aren't really sure where to begin, because it is full of details and explanations about how the products work.

I must say I'm really happy with my purchase and I'm very tempted to now purchase another product from the range to see if that live up to it's expectations.

Have you tried any of the Nail Apothecary range?

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