Gel Based Eye Shadows

My favourite make up product lately has to be gel based eye shadows. I currently have four different shades from multiple brands and I just can't get enough. When I try to create a nice eye look from a palette, I just end up looking like I have a black eye; whereas with these cream shadows, it's easy to create nice eyes without much effort or skill.

Make Up Revolution | Rose Gold | £4
Maybelline EyeStudio | On and on Bronze | £4.99
Maybelline EyeStudio | Pink Gold | £4.99
 Topshop | Bare | £8

They are really simple to apply, I just use an eyeliner brush from Spectrum Brushes (review here) and it's very easy to do, almost as if you're applying gel eyeliner. 
I find that this is much easier to manage as well, it tends to stay on and in place longer than powder. It gives a more noticeable colour for your eyes, whereas with powder, I struggle to have any visable colour; obviously this could just be me, but if you also have the same problem then this is your answer.

Another great thing about gel eye shadows is that the formula spreads out quite easy, therefore it doesn't take a lot to cover your eye lid. This is perfect as you only need a little amount, which means products may last longer than a powder based shadow. 
I find these are great value for money, perfect for a day or night occasion and I definitely want to invest in more colours, as a lot more brands are now producing similar products. 

Do you like gel based eye shadows?

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