Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask Pods

This is my first ever Origins product purchase because to be honest, I never really bother with any sort of cleansing routine apart from baby wipes and micellar water which I know is terrible but I'm too inconsistent that I never bother wasting my money on something I won't end up using!

However, there was something about these pods that caught my eye, I couldn't help but want to try them, a pack of four costs £5 as well so it's not like it was going to break the bank.

Origins have released three kinds of face mask pods:
Clear Improvement
Drink Up Intensive
which are all designed to do different things.

Clear Improvement - Charcoal mask to clear pores
Drink Up Intensive - Overnight mask to "quench skin's thirst"
Ginzing - Refreshing mask to wake up tired skin

Since I wear make up everyday, and I'm always worrying about my pores, I decided to try Clear Improvement.

These are pretty much sold out every where at the moment but luckily my local Debenhams had one pack left in stock.
These come in little pods

I felt this was possibly a skin care product I may continue to use, as the little pod does not seem as much effort compared with a full 100ml tube at £23 (that's a very big commitment). I've always loved face masks for my relaxing days off and it only takes 10 minutes so can be done while you're getting ready for bed, or even when you're getting breakfast in the morning. 
On opening the pod I found, each pod comes with a generous amount of mask, probably enough for two uses! I followed the instructions on the packaging and I felt my face harden pretty much straight away, this made me super excited!

My opinion:
I absolutely love this face mask, my face feels ridiculously clean; I almost can't believe it! Even after an hour my face is still left feeling so soft, I'm thoroughly impressed with this product, so much so I will definitely be purchasing again! 

What do you think of Origins Face Masks?

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