Real Technique Brushes

I've treat myself to some new Real Technique brushes that I've had my eyes on for a while. The main moral of the story is that TJ Hughes have all the brushes, single and sets, for sale at a discounted price, so really there was no question of me not purchasing some.

I picked up:

Blush Brush
Foundation Brush

I had been after the blusher brush for a while now and it was only £6.65 This retails in Boots for £9.99 so it definitely is a bargain. I love the brush even though it seems quite large for applying blusher. It's just as soft as all their other brushes so I'm so happy to have added it to my collection.

Secondly I already had an all over multi purpose face brush for foundation and I absolutely love it; technically didn't even need another foundation brush but it means having to wash them less often which is also a bonus. This brush also retails at £9.99 and I picked it up for £5.97 so it was pretty much obvious that I was going to be expanding my collection. It's an angled brush so I'm excited to see how it compares to my normal real techniques foundation brush.

However I'm now worried in my free time I will wander into TJ Hughes and just spend all my wage on the brushes and sets, although I must not be too far from having them all.

Have you picked up any Real Technique brushes lately?

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