Swatching Polishes

I decided a while ago to swatch all my polishes and create a record of which polishes I own. I thought this would be a good way to avoid wasting my polishes by testing them every time I wanted to paint my nails. The record of polishes means I won't waste money by purchasing the same polishes again.(This happens too often!) Also I'm about to start learning how to do acrylic nails so this is probably a good time to get organised.

So firstly, I purchased some swatch sticks for eBay here, 50 for £1.79 with free delivery, I also found none of these were chipped, where as some of my orders from other sellers there was roughly 5-10 chipped swatch sticks per pack.

You may also want to purchase a sharpie or permanent marker so you can write the details onto the stick, and also a pack of hinged rings so you can keep them together; with any sort of organisation you like! I purchased a pack of 10 rings for £2.57 from here.

Tip: Remember when swatching to paint the underside of the polish to avoid chipping.

I did this by brand and while I was waiting for them to dry, I uploaded the polishes(brand, collection, name & other information - because I'm a organised freak) into a spreadsheet for future reference.

I feel so organised now and I love it, I did have great fun swatching all my polishes and it was a good way to rediscover old favourites that were forgotten about! It's also surprisingly cheap to swatch your polishes for how much time it consumes.

Have you swatched your polish collection?


  1. I bet that took all day, ive seen how many you have xx

    1. yeah it did take a long time! But a good way to spend summer haha xx