Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Thank to my boyfriend's amazing mam I am now the proud owner of a Christian Louboutin nail polish;  as soon as I opened it I knew it was definitely something I had to blog about. 

First off, let's just admire the packaging, it is absolutely gorgeous.It surely has to take place rightfully on my nail polish racks(on the top shelf as course, as the lid is so long)!

The polish is named Scarabée III, from the Scarabée limited edition collection; the polish appears to be a mixture of colours - green,copper and bronze.  The shades in this collection were made based on inspiration from the Pharaohs. 

The polishes in this collection have certain features to make it easier to use: 
  • Tall slender lid is said to be more appealing for a luxurious experience to allow women to take their time. 
  • Triangular brush to collect just the right amount of polish, without air bubbles.
  • Highly pigmented to only require two coats.
I did find the coverage was really easy and rather fast drying, however being right handed the long handle poses as more of a hinderance when trying to paint with my left hand, rather than a help; although this is just a minor issue. 

The polish retails at £36 a bottle (but is usually store dependent) which is rather pricey for a nail polish and possibly not something I would have bought myself, but I am ridiculous happy to add this to my collection.

Do you own any Christian Louboutin polishes?


  1. Lucky you :) I don't think I'd ever pay that much money for a nail polish however the packaging looks fab!

    1. I know, it's crazily priced! But yeah, the packaging is gorgeous! x