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I'm lucky enough that a Kiko Cosmetics shop has opened up in my local shopping centre which means I get to go test products and colours rather than risking it online. Saying that, the shop has been so busy since it opened I've barely been able to go in. I thought I'd make a quick list of things I'm wanting to try once I get a chance to get in the shop!

Metallic Shine Eyeshadow

As you know from other posts here, I really love cream based eye shadows so I wouldn't want to miss a chance to try Kiko's metallic versions! This is part of the new 'Rebel Romantic' collection which has just launched. 
Strong Chocolate | £6.90
Dynamic Taupe | £6.90

Long Lasting Stick Eye Shadow
I've tried a couple of eyeshadow sticks and it makes applying your make up so much easier, especially if you're not particularly skilled with make up! I'd be silly not to try Kiko's version as I love pretty much all of the colours they have released.

Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick

Firstly the packaging is just super cute, that's enough reason to want to purchase these. However I do like this finish of lipstick which is why I would purchase these lipsticks over their other collections. 
The lipsticks come in a great range of nudey pink shades and I will not be content until I own them all. As if I really need a new nude/pink lipstick.
Nude Rose | £6.90
Rosy Brown | £6.90
Autumn Pink | £6.90

Power Pro Nail Lacquer
I did recently purchase a Kiko nail polish and it definitely won't be the last that I buy. When I saw these in the shop I pretty much loved every colour as it comes in 45 colours so you're definitely going to find a shade you like. 
Every single colour they've made | £4.90

Who knows what else I might end up buying if they products turn out to be a hit?

What's your favourite Kiko Cosmetics product?

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