Forever - Aloe Vera Products

One of the lovely ladies who works for Forever - a company based on selling a wide range of Aloe Vera products which have so many different purposes that is supposedly amazing for your body/health - dropped off some goodies for me to try, in exchange for some feedback.
I decided to share my feelings with you, in case anyone was wondering what (or whether) to buy. 

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo & Conditioner

Key Features:
  • Designed to keep head and scalp clean and healthy looking.
  • Renders hair shiny and manageable
  • Aids the removal of flakes due to dandruff
  • Help re-establish moisture balance which helps strength the hair. 
  • Conditioner leaves your hair softer and shinier than before
My thoughts:
The shampoo had a very thick consistency which made it quite difficult to rinse out of my hair but the shampoo itself smelt lovely. The conditioner wasn't like the shampoo; the consistency was like normal and left my hair feeling quite soft after a wash.

Aloe Propolis Creme | Aloe Moisturizing Lotion | Aloe Lotion | Aloe Vera Gelly

Key Features:
  • Aloe propolis, aloe lotion and aloe moisturizing lotion can all be used as an all over body lotion. However, they all have a unique purpose or target area.
  • Aloe vera gelly helps soothe and condition skin.
  • Aloe vera moisturizing lotion can also be used as a make up primer.
My thoughts:
The propolis is thick so is only needed in little doses but I did find my hands felt a little sticky afterward; it does tend to have an overpowering smell. 
The moisturizing lotion had a nice fragrance to it. As a primer, it lasted 5-6 hours but initially when applied to face it feels quite wet but dries quickly. Also gives off a very shiny look until make up/powder is applied. 
The aloe lotion worked really well as a hand cream especially when applied to dry skin and didn't have an overpowering smell which is perfect when applying creams to hands/face. 
Aloe Vera Gelly had to be my favourite product as I tend to get really itchy legs and it was perfect for soothing the itch and meant I scratched less. Also it is definitely good value for money as a little goes a long way which means it would last a fair amount of time.  

Hand Sanitizer | Hand & Face Soap
Key Features:
  • Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Hand and face soap leaves skin soft and hydrated, cleans without drying out skin.
  • Hand and face soap can also double as a cleanser.  
My thoughts:
The hand sanitizer smelt nice and clean and left my hands feeling soft which is great for when you're on the go.
With the hand and face soap I took the thick of my make up off before use but afterwards my face did feel cleansed. It's also a nice soap which doesn't make the face sting or tingle which is great for a cleanser. 

Aloe Berry Nectar
Cranberry-Apple Flavored Aloe Vera Gel
Key Features:
  • Helps to support immunity
  • Supports metabolism
My thoughts:
I didn't get round to trying this gel, as my friend tried it first and once I saw it had bits in and I knew at once I couldn't drink it. However I was told it didn't taste too bad but had a weird aftertaste. Unfortunately we didn't have it long enough to see any long term effects, but there's lots of reviews out there already for these products.

Have you tried any of the Forever products?

All of this review is my own, I was not paid for testing these products. 


  1. I have tried the toothpaste it's really good! However, few of my friends recommended the gel for so many purposes! I wanted to used it after I got dermatitis but it wasn't that bad thank god. In future I may use it if I had an itchy scalp or something. The problem is I don't want to switch to products I am not gonna use for a long time as I have my products routine already. would use them for miner treatment purposes.
    Iam at xx

  2. Yeah, I've heard a lot of positive comments about the toothpaste, and a lot of the other products as well! Once you have a routine, sometimes it is quite risky to swap on a whim :-)
    Thank you!