OPI Wish List

I hate myself for falling in love with so many OPI polishes, because it's going to end badly for my bank balance (I have no self restraint..), but yes we nail polish enthusiasts are being spoilt lately and OPI are not disappointing. I decided to pull together a little mini OPI wish list; hoping that it will surpress my urge for some new polishes. 


I have already added OPI Infinite Shine on my wishlist in an earlier post (here) and not much has changed since them, I still want them just as much.
With stands the test of thyme | To infinity and blue-yond | In pursuit of purple | 
Endurance race to the finish | Tanacious spirit | Staying neutral


This purely came about because I saw so many swatches from other bloggers and I just fell in love. Quite possibly in the running for my favourite A/W collection of 2015 as they've set the bar pretty high!
Tiramisu for two | Be there in a prosecco | Gelato on my mind
Purple palazzo pants | A great opera-tunity

Unfortunately, this is a very expensive mini wishlist! Definitely something that will have to wait but a girl can dream. 

What's your latest OPI crave?

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