She Sells SeaShells

I was getting fairly sick of getting my desk covered in nail polish from swatching/painting my nails; roughly all of my nail polish boxes were also full of different coloured strokes so I decided a mat would be perfect to help keep the desk clean and be an easy tidy up job, but finding a nail polish related mat was pretty difficult.
Until I came across UberChic Beauty, who have designed a nail polish mat specifically for doing your nails/nail art.

I purchased this from She Sells SeaShells for £11, it is probably the best purchase I've made. The service was fantastic and delivery was super fast. I also picked up some mermaid stencils(lets face it, mermaids are cool..) for £2.50 because I've wanted some for ages. 

The mat has a range of different size fingers/finger nails which is perfect for creating decals and designs without having to worry about getting the sizing right etc, it also saves all the fiddling about as it can be all done on one mat. 

It's also got circles which can be used for stamping which is ideal and makes the whole thing so easy. Plus the mat itself is fab for any nail polish lover. It's also a quick way of testing polish colours before you paint your nails or start working on some nail art, as you can just apply straight onto the mat.

The clean up is also pretty straight forward, nail polish remover or acetone works fine for removing polishes, they have tested pretty much a large range of colours which all work fine with removing; if in doubt do a little test before applying on a bigger scale in case so you don't spoil your mat. 

I honestly love this mat as it just makes doing my nails a hell of a lot tidier and there is very little clean up time too, as well as the fact it's fun to use and mess around with. If you don't have one of these in your life, you should seriously consider it!

Uber Mat by UberChic can be bought here : She Sells SeaShells

Is this something you'd purchase?


  1. I had no idea such product exist, what a brilliant discover and thank you for the introduction! Great review and I'm going to check how much it is in CAD.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Ha, no worries! I was exactly the same when I discovered this as well. I hope you manage to find it x