My Go To Palettes

I'm slowly but surely being converted to using eye make up when getting ready - mainly just for an occasion but no doubt it will be working it's way into my normal routine, but who can blame me with my three favourite go to eye palettes.
I'd 100% recommend these to everyone, because I'm not even sure how I used to live without them.

The first palette comes from Maybelline:
Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

I know many people will have already heard of and own Maybelline 'The Nudes' palette, myself included. But for me, this one found its way into my make up bag more often than not. 12 shades for £10, I'd definitely have to say it's worth the price. The shades as hinted in the name are shimmers and a range of pinks and purples. The back also has a really helpful guide for applying the shadows whether you want to do a duo, trio or quad look. It makes it really easy to see what colours go together.
Although I haven't seen these in high street shops yet, you can order yours here: Maybelline Blushed Nudes

My next two picks come from Make Up Revolution:
New-trals vs Neutrals

Similar to Blushed Nudes, this palette has a range of shades from pink to purple to browns; making it rather easy to create any look with just this one palette. It has a greater mix between matte and shimmer shades which also makes pairing up colours nice and easy. 16 shades for £6.99 means there's nothing really to complain about. The kit also comes with a double ended brush with is pretty much nicer than any more eyeshadow brush that come with a kit as both sides are brushes rather than sponges. Although I wouldn't use all the colours in this palette, it is still definitely worth the money. 
Pick yours up here: New-trals vs Neutrals


Flawless is the newest palette to enter my collection, but after seeing this palette over and over again on instagram I just couldn't resist. 32 shades for £8! This is every make up lovers dream. Sticking with the theme, it is a mix of shimmers and matter - but you can get a the same palette but where the shades are all just matte if that's more your thing. The palette also ranges in colours from creams to pinks to gold and black. If you were going away and could only take one palette this would definitely have to be the go to! All the colours are quite pigmented too which is fab as you don't need to use a lot of product to create a nice look. Plus MUR palettes usually come with a nice big mirror which makes applying eye make up a lot easier! You can get one like mine here: Flawless

Since MUR are smashing it at the minute, the next palette on my list is Pink Fizz, seeing swatches all over instagram is driving me crazy (swatches)! But unfortunately my local Superdrug didn't have it the last time I popped in. 

What's your go to palette at the moment?

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