Brown Lip Hype

I caved and decided to get on the brown lip hype. Ever since Kylie Jenner released her lip kits, I've been on the hunt for a similar colour (but my research is very lacking at the moment...) My plan is to see if brown lips suit me first, hence buying a drugstore brand and then if no good dupes are found for Kylie's lip kits then I'll starve myself and purchase a kit for $29- even though they're sold out at the moment.

Picture from @lipkitbykylie Instagram

Candy K
Dolce K
True Brown K

My walk around Boots for a brown lipstick was actually quite unsuccessful as nothing really took my fancy. I was after a matte brown but instead settled for Revlon Super Lustrous Smoky Rose.

It retails for £7.99 and has a pearl finish. The shade is quite opaque but can easily be built up, however I'm still not sure if this is the colour brown I wanted. I think I need to take a BuzzFeed quiz on the right brown lipstick for me or something -sigh I wish that existed-. If anyone knows how to figure out how to pick the right brown lipstick that would be super helpful or a recommendation of a brown shade would be much appreciated. 

All this said, after testing out the brown shade, I'm definitely a fan and so my hunt begins.


  1. I'm not quite into the brown lip hype just yet, but it does look lovely with spring/winter coats and scarfs and boots! That Revlon one is so cheap and doesn't look too daunting. Might have to find a cheap one myself before I buy in to the trend!
    Becky; xxx

    1. Finding a cheap one is definitely the way to go if you're not sure! The revlon one actually doesn't look too unnatural either which is a bonus for a first time trying! Let me know if you bite the bullet and purchase one :) x