Making My Own MAC/Makeup Geek Palette

When travelling, I end up taking 3/4 palettes per trip because I really struggle to pick which colours I want to use so I had the idea to make my own duo palette and have the range of colours I'd regularly use and when I eventually fill it, this is potentially going to solve all of my problems. 

Initially, I couldn't find any answers to whether Make Up Geek pans fit into a MAC palette but I knew I wanted to try both MAC and MUG pans. So it was either, buy a z palette(suitable for Makeup Geek pans) and a single MAC palette, but this financially would be silly. The duo palette is the same price as a single, so I did a bit of research as to whether MUG pans would be suitable for a MAC palette, and the answer is yes they fit but they're not magnetic so supposedly you should stick a magnet on the bottom of the pan to keep it in place - this doesn't work. However, I've already invested so I'm just going to persevere with this palette. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find some way to keep it attached, but for now, I just use the plastic divider and keep it the right way up.

Left (Top to Bottom)
Makeup Geek

-Going to try and create a blushed palette with a hint of nude shades-


-This side is going to be browns and smokey shades-

MUG pans can be bought from Beauty Bay where individual pans start at £4.95 for normal eyeshadows and duo chrome pans and go up to £7.95 for foiled pans. MAC pans can be purchased from MAC Cosmetics and they all retail at £10 per pan. 

Duo Pro Palette | MAC | £10
2x Insert | MAC | £2.50 each

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