NYX Lip Lingerie

NYX is a brand I've always wanted to get my hands on, but the UK website is just dreadful in comparison, things are always out of stock etc, but now it's getting a revamp(thank god)! There are four UK websites that NYX state stock their products - Boots, Selfridges, Very and Feel Unique, but even so not all of their products are on there. 

So when Boots tweeted that I was able to sign up to the waiting list for Lip Lingerie, it was pretty much the best moment of my life. I instantly did it but was expecting a very long wait; possibly just over a week later, the products are now online on the website. Waking up within 5 minutes I spent £26 and purchases four shades to try.

Satin Ribbon
Bedtime Flirt
Push Up


Before I get into my favourites etc, the applicator is a thin doe foot lipgloss, it's my first time encountering this on a liquid lipstick (I'm still a newbie!) and I absolutely love it. It makes the application easier and provides a lot more control. I think Bedtime Flirt and Pushup have to be my favourite out of the four because they're definitely my go-to colours. Satin Ribbon is a little lighter than I usually go for and the corset is a little darker. That being said, I'm definitely in love with these and they've taken permanent residence on my dressing table!


  1. These are gorgeous shades and I have to hunt them down!

    Sarah xx


    1. You need to get yourself over to Boots, these are life savers!x

  2. omg I'm still trying to hunt these down in Australia! I think I will have to wait a little longer :(

    1. aw man! my heart goes out to you, I always get really sick of having to wait for products from America to be sold in England! :(