Phillip Kingsley Hair Care

I'm in the middle of a very irritating situation with my hair when currently every day, is a bad hair day -sigh-. I was speaking to my hairdresser and she informed me the shampoo and conditioner I'm using is like a paint stripper for my hair, fantastic! I love spending £60+ getting my hair done, only to let my products at home ruin it all. 
Many products that we can easily pick up in the supermarket, tend to be some of the most damaging for your hair. 
I tried switching from Herbal Essence to Garnier Ultimate Blends hoping this would be more healthy but still leave my hair soft and clean. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, by the time I've dried my hair, it always still feels dirty as if I need to go wash it again.

In my advent calendar for Christmas, I received Phillip Kingsley's Body Builder shampoo and conditioner samples to try. I've definitely always been a fan of Phillip Kingsley's Daily Defence Spray, so I decided to hunt out the samples to see if this could help my hair drama.

Of course they worked well, my hair was left feeling clean and soft and hopefully I stop having such bad hair days! The body building range claims to be most appropriate for fine textured hair (although this is not at all how I'd describe my hair), which adds volume, body and shine to fine, limp or flyaway hair as well as helping to improve the hair's condition and appearance.
Shampoo 250ml -£18
Conditioner 250ml -£21
Of course, my hair has to have expensive taste! It's such a relief that the two bottles are of the same volume, it's definitely a pet peeve when they are not. Another huge pro point is that Phillip Kingsley's hair care range do not contain sulfates which in turn means, with regular use, it can improve your hair's condition and be gone of split ends.

However, if I'm going to make the leap and change to very expensive hair care, I need to use a product that is more suitable for my hair type, such as the Re-Moisturizing range and to train my hair to no longer need to be washed every two days meaning I may possibly pick up the One More Day Dry Shampoo.

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