Zoeva & Morphe Brushes

I'm such a huge fan of Real Technique and Spectrum makeup brushes, but I decided I wanted to branch out and give some other brands a try. A few names that have been flying about since I started blogging are Zoeva and Morphe, and naive me thought these brands were something I'd never be able to afford (writing them off before I even had a look).

Much to my surprise, these brushes are priced very similar to the brands I usually buy so I decided to treat myself to some and see what I thought. Off to BeautyBay I went to make an order.

These brushes have to be up there with some of my most used brushes now! I purchased the Zoeva brush because it resembled the RT Expert Face Brush which I absolutely love for applying foundation! The Morphe brush I bought as I surprisingly did not own a nice brush for highlighting. The thing I love the most about this brush is it slightly arced meaning it fits snuggly over the cheeks. 
The main worry for ordering brushes online is the density of the bristles as you are unable to try them. There was really no need to worry at all, the brushes are great for my skin and are amazingly soft. Neither brush absorbs too much product either which is always a major plus. Overall I'm so pleased with this order, and I think I've just got myself hooked to buying new brushes!

I'm open to testing other brands of brushes if there is some you think I should definitely try.

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