Kiko Cosmetics Universal Fit Foundation

For having a Kiko Cosmetics store in my city centre, I don't own that many of their products, so on my latest shopping trip, I decided to pick up one of their foundations to try out. If you read my £20 Makeup Tag Challenge then you'd know I wanted to review this foundation separately.

Kiko Cosmetics | Universal Fit Foundation - Warm Beige | £6.90

This is the most bog standard foundations that they sell, a medium coverage foundation suitable for almost all skin types, apart from those with oily skin.It is also more of a dewy finish rather than a matte based which is completely out of my comfort zone - I guess that's even more of a reason to try this product! This foundation comes in 21 shades so you're almost guaranteed to find a shade to suit you. I just asked one of the staff who worked there to help me try and find a suitable colour which she did not a problem! 

Overall, I had mixed feelings towards this product. The dewy finish was not even a problem for me which left me pleasantly surprised. However, in terms of coverage, I think 'medium' is a tad generous. As someone who is prone to redness, the foundation didn't do an awful lot of hiding this. The application of the foundation was really easy and a little does go a long way unless you're trying to conceal something. The foundation itself is really light and didn't leave my face feeling thick or heavy. I think this foundation will be perfect for summer when it gets a little warm so I'm not being suffocated by makeup, possibly like a tinted moisturised. Summer will help determine if I would repurchase this foundation again.


  1. I have never tried from this brand. It seems nice, i like easy application foundation. Let us know what you think about it during the summer. would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. I hadn't until they opened a store near me. People don't rave about it as much as I think they should - the prices in general are very reasonable! I shall do, thanks for reading :)

  2. I love Kiko cosmetics! I think I might try this foundation out, great post x