Magnitone Bare Faced

I've wanted a skincare brush for face cleansing for a while now, and while the Clarisonic has some of the best reviews, the price tag  attached has to be an instant no on a student budget. I started to do research on other brushes such as the No7 and Clinique but there were too many bad points for each.
So eventually after lots of scrolling the internet, I settled on the Magnitone Bare Faced. 

I managed to get this on discount so I got it for less than £50, which in my eyes played a major part in the purchasing of it. When I opened it, the packaging made me so happy! It has lots of different layers and a full explanation of the product. Another huge bonus is the magnetic charging feature, how modern! It comes with a 12-month warranty, and when you register your product you receive £5 off, meaning you first set of two brush heads would only be £11 with the discount - so much cheaper than Clarisonic.

The Magnitone brush is fully waterproof so you can use it in the bath too, which means it's perfect for a thorough clean. It powers on for one minute, and beeps after 20 seconds, indicating a change in place for the brush. They claim this is the best way to ensure a deep cleanse. It also has a second setting 'Pulselift Toning Mode' which is used to give a megawatt glow.

So far, I've tried my micellar water, a toner and the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser cream with no luck of obtaining the feeling of a clean face. However, I recently picked up a Soap and Glory foam cleanser and I'm so impressed - I can't believe how soft and clean my face feels! My favourite thing about this cleanser is how easily it adapted into my everyday routine; I've said countless times how rubbish I am at having a skin routine, so this is a huge help and requires very little effort or time!

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