Strobe Cream

After posting Contour, Strobing and Baking I found out Makeup Revolution were releasing their own collection of strobing products so obviously, I had to pick myself some up to try.

Ultra Strobe Cream - £8
Ultra Strobe Balm | Hypnotic - £5

I was so excited to try them because I tend to be a huge fan of Makeup Revolution products (as you can tell if you regularly read my blog) and the package, especially on the strobe cream, is just so pretty.

Strobe Cream

This cream is nice and quite subtle but tends to have a lot of shimmer to it. So I guess it's personal preference whether you like it or not. The density of the cream is very light so it doesn't leave your face feeling heavy. It's super easy to mix with your everyday foundation to add a bit of a glow to your face without looking too unnatural. With the type of product, it means that it can easily be built upon too, which is a major plus!

Strobe Balm

The balm leaves me feeling a little indifferent. With it being a balm, I find the application a lot more tricky and harder to perfect. That being said the colour itself is gorgeous and perfect for those with fair skin tones. 

Makeup Revolution just keeps bringing out far too many fantastic products that I need to get my hands on!

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