Colourpop Haul

So before Colourpop started international shipping - Kat from allhailthenails, Laura and myself all chipped in to get our hands on some colourpop products using an American mail box! I tried to pick up a bit of everything to try because I was just so excited to try Colourpop after so long.

Colourpop are probably most famously known for their lippie stixs so obviously, I just had to see what all the hype was about.
Colourpop Lippie Stixs - Frenchie, Tootsi, Lumiere
I picked up three lippie stixs: Frenchie Bright warm neon red, Lumiere dusty mauve pink and Tootsi cool-toned grey beige. I also bought the lippie pencils to match Lumiere and Frenchie. I love that you can get a perfect match for your lippie stix - it's every girl's dream!

Colourpop Lippie Stix Swatches - Frenchie, Tootsi & Lumiere 
Out of the lippie stixs I picked up, Frenchie is definitely my favourite - it is such a vivid bright red that is absolutely perfect for summer and has definitely got me back into wearing bright lipsticks! 

I also wanted to try their liquid lipsticks because it's literally my go to beauty product at the moment, so I picked up an Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lip in Bad Habit dusty mauve pink (Matte) and Lyin' King raspberry (Satin) - looking at them now I'm well aware these look ridiculously similar in their packaging oops! 
Colourpop Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin Lip - Bad Habit, Lyin' King
Colourpop Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin Lip Swatches- Bad Habit, Lyin' King 
Looking at the swatches they don't seem too similar though - ahh who cares they're too pretty!
I picked up both a bronzer Carry On soft bronze and a highlighter Wisp golden champagne to try. As you can see by the photo my highlighter arrived broken which was pretty upsetting but because of the formula, it's easy enough to smooth over to fix. 
Unfortunately, the consistency of the highlight is just too odd for me so it's something I've not really used that much - I think I need to look into the best way to apply this!

Colourpop Bronzer and Highlighter - Carry On and WispColourpop Bronzer and Highlighter Swatches - Carry On and Wisp
I picked up this brow pencil because it's very similar to the Nyx microbrow which made me intrigued as to how they compare! This is a brow product I seem to reach for more than others that I have in my collection at the moment - I just love it! For buying online the colour match was pretty close the shades are definitely true to description! This is in the shade Arched Auburn.

Colourpop Brow Pencil - Arched Auburn

What would a colourpop order be if I didn't pick up some of their eyeshadows? After picking up the Kathleenlights quad I knew I was hooked to the formula! The shadows are super pigmented and really quite easy to work with.
Colourpop Super Shock Shadows - Nillionaire, Hanky Panky, Wattles, Mixed Tape

Nillionaire warm bronze with gold and multi coloured glitter (Metallic Finish)
Mixed Tape mid-tone cool grey (Pearlised Finish)
Wattles dusty beige pink (Satin Finish)
Hanky Panky Soft cool toned taupe (Matte Finish)

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows Swatches - Nillionaire, Hanky Panky, Wattles, Mixed Tape 

If I could own every one of Colourpop's eye shadows, I'd be a very happy lady.
Including shipping etc, this haul cost a total of £65 which overall I think is rather reasonable!


  1. Such a lovely haul! I'm so excited that Colourpop ship to the UK now - definitely going to pick up a few things :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves

  2. You really should! They make some beautiful products :)


  3. I'm going to sound like a bad American but I've never once tried anything from Color Pop. I might try something eventually since everyone seems to like the brand.

    S .x