ELF Haul

It's took me a while to construct this post because it's been a bit of a pain and I didn't want to write a long negative post. So I'll explain at the end the problems I had, but first let's look at the products I picked up. I have only ordered from ELF once before and that was before the huge brand rebuild. I've heard so many good things that I just couldn't help myself from placing an order. 

ELF haul - eyes lips face

Molten Liquid Eyeshadow | Molten Bronze | £5
Baked Bronzer | Los Cabos | £4.50
Baked Eyeshadow | Enchanted | £4.50

If you spent over a certain amount you received 5 free gifts, and there were two options but you didn't know the products you would receive. I received:

Studio Cream Eyeliner (comes with a little angled brush) |£4.50 
Studio High Definition Eye Setting Powder (comes with a little brush) | £4.50

I love the powder but have a love/hate relationship with the packaging since it's a loose powder the packaging has to stay upright to avoid a lot of waste and mess. I'm yet to try out the liquid eyeshadow but the colour is so buildable that I'm so excited to create a nice dramatic evening look! I picked up the baked eyeshadow as many people said it was a dupe of Champagne Pop but unforunately I don't think these eyeshadows have a lot of colour payoff. Both brushes were fantastic in terms of density and for being so cheap the hair does not appear to be shredding. I'd most definitely pick up some more brushes from ELF the next time I place an order!

For the free gifts I was so glad to get the under eye setting powder as I was supposed to order this but forgot.. oops. It is so useful for setting concealer and stops creasing virtually all day! Unfortunately the rest of the products I wasn't too keen on because it's not things I'd use however for someone who is bothered about smoky eyes and eyeliner this seems like the perfect free gift!

Now to the downside, it's took nearly two weeks for my order to arrive (3-5 working days... I don't think so) and when it did eventually arrive my brozer was completely broken because there was no wrapping of the products, they were just chucked into a bubblewrapped envelope. ELF were kind enough to offer a replacement or a refund, but because of how long this order took, I just opted for the refund as the bronzer didn't appear to be very pigmented at all. 

All in all, I would buy from ELF again, however, I'd definitely be a bit more careful about the products I chose -  but for makeup brushes, this is a definite yes!


  1. Looks interesting, you have definitely persuaded me to place an order! xx

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