Beauty DIY: Makeup Obsession Palettes

Makeup Obsession is a new brand created by TAM Beauty (Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup & I Love Makeup) and Mister Makeup. I guess you want to know what makes this different from all of the brands currently listed. Makeup Obsessions brand has a focus of customisable makeup palettes. 
Matte Black Large Makeup Obsession Palette
This concept is a huge selling point to me, especially at affordable prices so as soon as I heard, I decided to go a purchase a full palette. First, you choose the palette size and colour you want - large palettes cost £8 and fit 12 pans in. I decided to pick up the large in a matte black design. 
The thing that makes these palettes different to any Z-Palette is the pans come in a square black holder, so only a Makeup Obsession palette can fit the pans in. But secondly, the base of the palette has circle cutouts meaning you are able to read the names of the pans without having to remove them from the Z-Palette. 

To then fill your palette, you can choose between eye shadows, contour pans, blushes or highlighters. All eyeshadow finishes cost £2, which is the cheapest on the market and the contour, highlight and blush pans all cost £3, making this a highly affordable custom built palette.
Makeup Obsession Customisable Matte Black Eyeshadow Palette
I decided to fill my palette with all eyeshadows, however, I'm definitely tempted to make up a smaller palette with a combination of the other pans. I also really want to make another palette that has more adventurous shades in!

My only issue with the packaging of the pans is that it appears to be quite wasteful. Unlike other pans, the packaging is plastic - I'm presuming it's so you can swap shades in and out of the palette quite easily, however, when you're building a palette then you're just left with empty square plastic packaging which looks quite cheaply made. Although, this really isn't a major issue considering the price of the shadows!
Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

The shades I picked up were: 
E143 Mink, E109 Champagne, E140 Blondie, E141 Alba
E124 Copper, E147 Bullet, E101 Burnt, E107 Rare
E136 Rapture, E119 Precious Metal, E129 Golden Oak, E118 Bourbon Brown

I built this whole palette for £32 which is incredible really as each pan holds 2g of product!

You can find swatches for all of their shadows on their Instagram since it's so new there is a significant lack of swatches online to help you make up your mind. Makeup Obsession is currently stocked on Boot's website if you want to pick yours up! I also believe certain stores may already be stocking their products.


  1. This looks so cool! I love how affordable it is and how you can build the palette yourself! You chose some great shades :) I'll have to have a look into it! Great post :) Rachel xxx

    1. I think that's what makes it so great - the affordability of the palettes!
      Aw thank you :-)
      Tag me in any of your posts if you do pick one up!

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