Ecotools Essential Eye Brushes

I'm subscribed to a monthly beauty bag service called Love Me Beauty. I found a deal on Groupon and being a sucker for the monthly subscription services I just had to sign up and see what the deal was about. This monthly subscription bag isn't like other beauty boxes as you are assigned credits and you get to choose which you would actually like to receive.

Each month you receive 60 credits to make a purchase or you can buy more credits if there is more you would like. I do plan on blogging about the next few bags I receive but I kept forgetting so far (it will happen I promise)! So anyway in Augusts bag, Ecotools were available to get your hands on - the face set, a travel set and the eye set. I absolutely love makeup brushes, this is a brand I see in Boots all the time and nothing else was really taking my fancy so I decided to pick up the eye brushes to give them a try and see what they are like. 
Ecotools Makeup Brushes
Ecotools Makeup Brushes

The little bag they come in is so cute like I haven't even put them into my makeup pots because it's just too cute. In the set you get 5 eye brushes which include:
  • Large Eye Brush
  • Angled Crease Brush
  • Petite Eye Shading Brush
  • Smudge Brush
  • Ultra Fine Liner Brush

Ecotools Makeup Brushes

Each brush also has its name on the other side on the handle which is fantastic because it's such a pet peeve of mine when they don't include brush names on the handle. I have quite small eyes so the large shader and angled crease brush aren't really suitable for me, and I presume anyone else with small or hooded eyes would also agree. But I love the other three brushes. I find them really easy to use, the short handles means I have much better control with where I place each eyeshadow shade. The brushes I find are quite good for multipurpose, i.e. I like to use the smudge brush as a crease brush - it's perfect for my small eyes and means I don't get eyeshadow everywhere!
Even though I can only use three brushes out of the set, each brush works out at only £1.60 so it is still worth picking up the set if that's something you're interested in. For me, these aren't the brushes I reach for every time I do my eye makeup, I think I'm too set in my way with the real technique brushes to make the change to ecotools. I think I would need them to produce a bigger selection of brushes which would mean I'd have a better choice for my little eyes! 
I'd be interested in trying the face brushes from this range to see how my thoughts compare between the sets.

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