NYX Warm Neutrals Palette

I go through periods of only buying a certain type of beauty product, and lately it seems to have fallen on eyeshadow palettes as you may have noticed. I had been lusting over this palette for a while but in the UK it's very hard to get your hands on all of Nyx products, even with the opening of Nyx counters in Boots! Eventually, it became available on the Selfridges website and I just knew I had to have it - even if it meant £5 delivery *sigh*.

I love the colour scheme of this palette, I'm not sure what's happened to me but I'm very in favour of pink smokey eye looks and I thought this palette would perfect for that! You get 16 shades for £16 pound, working out at £1 a shadow. It features a mix of Matte, Satin and Shimmer shades in the palette which they suggest is perfect for creating a neutral or dramatic eye look.

On initially opening the palette the pigmentation seemed awful! I think the shadows have a film over them so once rubbed away you actually get to see the true colour of the palette. Unforunately, even this didn't seem to improve the quality in most shades. 

Nyx Warm Neutrals palette swatches

If you look at the swatches, the pigmentation in the top two rows appear to be non exsistent, yet the bottom two rows seem to be fine. It's a shame that the quality throughout the palette is inconsistent because overall the shades in this palette look to be amazing. A lot of the shades appear to feel quite chalky and produce a lot of fall out too which makes me feel as if I'm wasting so much product each time I use it.

For the price tag associated in the palette it would be fair to say I am rather disappointed in the quality. I have quite a few Nyx single eyeshadows which are not anything like the shades in these palettes so it was quite unexpected. I'm not sure whats so different between their single shadows and their palettes but I don't think I'd risk picking up another palette again - you're better off sticking to the singles!


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