eBay Finds #1 - Nail Art, R Light, Rose Gold Makeup Brushes...

I hosted a Twitter poll and the majority of voters decided they would like to see a segment on the blog where I show my eBay finds. Some of these products will have been inspired from YouTubers and some will be what I have come across while scrolling through eBay. Sorry that it took so long to get this first post up, I had three posts scoped but items took so long to arrive, I just decided to merge the posts to eventually get this first one up!

eBay Finds #1, R light, nail art, mehron foundation, elite 99 top coat, rose gold oval brushes

So here is what I picked up this time round:
I mentioned I really wanted a letter light in a previous post [here], so I took to eBay and found this lovely Bronze Rustic Letter R Battery Operated Light 

eBay Finds #1, R light, nail art, mehron foundation, elite 99 top coat, rose gold oval brushes







Unfortunately, I don't love the quality of the rings but they're super cute for photos. I picked up all of the nail art bits and some more which will feature in #2 to try getting back into doing some nail art so I can't wait to try these bits and pieces. The Mehron foundation is supposed to have a flawless full coverage foundation so when I heard about this, I couldn't not try it - although it is pretty difficult to get your shade right online; most offer sample pots for a reduced price so if you're not sure that's probably the best route for you! Lastly, I had already tried one oval brush and loved it so I couldn't resist picking up the whole set to put it to the test!

Another huge thanks to my friend Beth who this post is in collaboration with. She took these beautiful photos, along with the photos in my Testing Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks and a few more photos for some other posts soon to come. If you want to check out more of her work or follow her on social media you can use the links below:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bethtakesphotos

Instagram: @bethtakesphotos & @heydrapel


  1. How gorgeous are those brushes!! I am dying to try those type of brushes out, but I don't exactly understand how they work so well?

    Isobel x

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    1. I don't understand how they work so well either but they really are life changing! :-)